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May 2021 Newsletter

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What's My Home Worth?  

Market News:   16 homes sold in Countryside/Walnut Grove/Crown Point in April 2021, ranging in price from $452,000 - $685,000.  On May 3, 18 homes were under contract and 4 homes actively for sale.  The low number of homes sold and on the market reflects the record-low housing inventory throughout the metro area.  

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Free Mulch!

Did you know that you can pick up free mulch for your landscaping projects?  Find out more about free mulch and free tree limb recycling at City of Westminster/Tree Limb Recycling

Community Garage Sale June 4-6!

That's right!  The Walnut Grove/Countryside Community Garage Sale is set for June 4-6 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  This year's map will include a Scavenger Hunt that is designed to get all shoppers to as many garage sales as possible. Text "GarageSale21" to 303-816-3611 to sign up.

What is the Difference Between Home Insurance and a Home Warranty?

When purchasing a new home, it’s important to do in-depth research on all facets of the homebuying process.
One thing you’ll need to understand is how to best protect yourself and your investment if anything were to go
Check out the information on home insurance versus home warranty below to educate yourself on your

Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance pays for any accidental damages and loss that are caused by fire, lightning strikes, wind-
storms, and hail, however, damage from earthquakes and floods is typically not covered. It also covers the replace-
ment of personal property in case of theft or damage and liability if a person were to get injured in your home or on
your property. According to American Home Shield, the average annual cost of a homeowner's insurance policy
ranges between $300 and $1,000, and the bank usually asks you to obtain a policy before the mortgage is issued.
Make sure to keep in mind that each type of coverage in the policy is subject to a limit and, in most cases, you will
have to pay a deductible.

Home Warranty

A home warranty is designed to cover the cost of repairs and replacements of larger  appliances and crucial sys-
tems in
your home that may fail or break due to age and wear and tear. This includes but isn’t limited to HVAC, elec-
trical, or 
plumbing components, kitchen appliances, and your washer and dryer. With a home warranty, you are re-
quired to pay premiums year-round, even if you do not use it, and it won’t cover damages if appliances were not maintained properly or if the damage is from a fire or other disaster.

If you feel that a home warranty may be right for you, contact me for recommendations.

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