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Spruce Up Your Unfinished Basement

Dated: April 2 2021

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Spruce Up Your Unfinished Basement!

Although currently dimly lit and a little rough on the eyes, your unfinished basement still
has a lot
of potential. With just a little love and the help of the following ideas, you can
spice it up in no time
and get some great use out of the space.

  1. Add a pop of color. Give your basement a whole different look without a big renova-
    tion by add
    ing some color to space. Consider painting and sealing the floors, opening
    up the room by paint
    ing the rafters white or a light color, or creating a bold accent wall.
  2. Divide the space. Want to make your basement a multi-use room? Partition out the
    area by instal
    ling an inexpensive curtain system. This can be done either with a cur-
    tain track or a simple wire, 
    some hooks, and curtains will suffice.
  3. Add foam mats. Whether you’d like to use the basement as a home gym to get a
    quick workout 
    in or a place for the kids to play and rough house, adding some foam
    mats into the mix is a great
    and easy solution. They come in various colors and can
    quickly be picked up and tucked away if
    need be.
  4. Use a large rug. As an alternative to adding mats, find a large, eye-catching rug to
    be used as a
    focal point, and furnish the area around it.
  5. Add lighting. Basements often offer very little built-in lighting and few outlets around
    the room. 
    Consider stringing café lighting across space from the rafters to give a nice
    ambiance and glow with
    out any difficult electrical work.  A wall sconce can be a great
    addition to dimly-lit stairs. 


A basement is your opportunity to customize your home.  Use these tips to make it a space you love!

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Spruce Up Your Unfinished Basement

Spruce Up Your Unfinished Basement!Although currently dimly lit and a little rough on the eyes, your unfinished basement stillhas a lot of potential. With just a little love and the help of the

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